HUMO by Gitanos

Humo is a brand that produces premium smoked meats. This year it is launching its first production of pork, fish and chicken. We were entrusted with all the branding and packaging part to add value through aesthetics and enhance the differentiating business offer.

Studio Unbound have been busy bees collaborating with Jam Packed Preserves

Jam Packed Preserves originally launched their award-winning preserves company straight from a humble allotment. After a few years of trading, Jam Packed was ready to level-up their brand to the next stage. So, they turned to Studio Unbound, who knew immediately that this brand needed to have top-tier packaging to mirror the unparalleled quality of …

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Sukia by Gitanos

This packaging is inspired by the indigenous culture, it abstractly represents the mixture of fruits, plants and natural ingredients and flavors that our products contain, it also symbolizes creation, life, growth. The word sukia in the Miskito language means healer or doctor, since they are the people who heal those who are sick, guide the …

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Orpheus Gift Box by noon design

Orpheus is a mythical figure of Greek mythology and according to Pindar he is the father of songs. A poet, singer and inventor of the lyre and drums, he is considered a pioneer of western culture and has been a famous subject of classical painting and opera through the myth “Orpheus and Eurydice”.

Adjourn Teahouse by Ricardo Gomez

Specializing in organic, hand-crafted, full-leaf tea blends, Adjourn™ is busting the myth of hustle culture, encouraging—no, begging—us to press pause and enjoy a quiet moment. “This practice is such a simple investment of time that benefits the individual and has the potential to boost wellness in the whole community,” proposes LaTonia.