Communicate with many artists

After becoming a member, you can have deeper contact with many artists and designers

Database usage

The association has its own different database accounts to use, and any member who joins can obtain the right to use independent member accounts including databases such as behance.

More learning opportunities

The association will regularly hold conferences and lectures at different levels in Canada. Through different conferences and lectures, you can learn more

Become an invitation to association events

SFAAAT Discussion List Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr) Networking at our SFAAAT Design Conference, SFAAAT Design Summit, SFAAAT Design Education Summit, SFAAAT workshops, or other programs.

Participate in different activities for free

All activities independently organized by the association and cooperative activities can be attended for free, and the association will bear the corresponding commuting costs for the activities that need to be attended.


Standard Edition members are one-year members



If you are a student, registered members can enjoy a discount on the registration fee, but you need to provide student proof.