North American Applied Arts Design Competition

The North American Applied Art and Design Competition has been held for 2 years, the event was formerly known as the Canadian Applied Art Exhibition, and now the event covers North America including the United States and Canada, the number of manuscripts for each event is over 40,000, the number of participants is over 20,000, and the number of participating colleges and enterprises is over 300.
The purpose of the competition is to better explore how art can be created to be more applied, and the integration of art and technology.

Authoritative Events

The competition is organized by the Singapore Society of Applied Arts and Sciences, a Canadian science and technology organization founded in 2002.

Best Award

The total prize money for this tournament is over $30,000 CAD and there are up to 50 prize places.

Global orientation

The competition is not only open to North America, but also welcomes art lovers from all over the world to participate.

2022 AADC

North American Applied Arts Design Competition​


Organizer: Canadian Society For Applied Arts And Technology

Tournament period: October 16,2022~January 15, 2023

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Previous Review

The competition has been held for 2 years, with a total of over 20,000 participants and over 60,000 pieces of artwork, it is a carnival of the applied art world, you can view the previous review, award ceremony, etc. below


View award information and event news


View award information and event news