Moncler pop-up store

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, and in time for the upcoming festive season, Moncler has inaugurated pop-up store in Tokyo that boldly flaunts the brand’s signature characteristics, most notably, the seemingly quilted façade. Situated on the voluminous ground floor of the recently closed Koe Hotel, smack in the middle of the city’s bustling Shibuya shopping district, the ephemeral retail space features an immersive setting that shares its history to the brands growing fanbase. Moncler was founded in the French alpine town of Monestier-de-Clermont in 1952, but in 2003, the company was snapped up by entrepreneur Remo Ruffini who instigated a dramatic turnaround, making Moncler the global luxury brand it is today. The store is divided into sections, each presenting an installation that signals the brand DNA and its origins. Upon entering the store, shoppers first come across Digital Mountain, an installation crafted from stacked LED screens with imagery of various snowy mountain tops set in a base of rock shards.

We can only assume the featured mountains are the Italian Alps, and not the French Alps. Another striking display is the so-called Moncler Maya 70 Jacket Destination which is inspired by the eponymous down jacket and comprises a booth which allows shoppers to create a unique photo moment with a camera that rotates 360 degrees. In collaboration with Antoni Tudisco, an NFT wall has been created that chimes in with the sensibilities of the brand’s youngest fanbase. Mind you, for the anniversary the Italian artist has created limited-edition digital artworks which feature the aforementioned jacket which have been given to the first 500 visitors at the pop-up store’s opening party. The back wall sees a projection wall, playfully made up of white Moncler Maya 70 jackets, featuring footage of the latest Moncler campaign. The Moncler pop-up store stocks the brand’s men’s and women’s collections, including items from the coveted Moncler Genius collection, accessories and shoes.

Images © Moncler


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