Mini Golf Forend, a casual leisure space for the whole family

Design m4 has designed the mini golf facility recently created in the 3rd basement floor to provide differentiated content for the whole family. Our goal was to create an environment where visitors of all ages could comfortably enjoy mini golf. We imagined this space as a fantasy forest located on an imaginary island. The story begins with ‘Lotte’, a ship that awaits the family on the emerald sea. The family boards the ship and travels across the East Sea to an island filled with fun adventures. As the family arrives at the island with a forest full of friendly animals, they engage in leisure sport games and embark on a fantasy journey. This is the base concept we used for the design of this space.

Director: 윤시영
design & Planning: Design m4/ 김도희, 최재영
사진: 최용준

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