Frescou by Priscylla Nunes PSNDesign

Frescou is a delivery company that offers healthy food like pokes, salads, wraps, shakes, light sandwiches, healthy desserts, etc. Fitness food, fit line, low carb, light food.

Simple, healthy and tasty? Frescou.
Flavor without giving up practicality? Frescou.
Want healthier options? Frescou.
Really healthy food.

Brand Manifesto
Life can be much more, with less.
It can be quick and healthy.
It can be without rush and with more flavor too.
It can be tasty and still nourish the best you have.
It can be simple without being incomplete.
It can value producers, cooks and the entire chain involved in the process.
It can enchant and jump to the eye without being “gourmet”.
It can be different and original, without going too far.
It can turn the meal into a wellness ritual.
It can find friends, catch up and still enjoy yourself.
It can be fast, while prioritizing FOOD.
It can reinvent without offending.
It can be the way you always wanted.
Simple, healthy and tasty?

Designed by Priscylla Nunes PSNDesign


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