Kasemrad Vitamin Mineral Water by Prompt Design

Market situation:
The local market of mineral water is highly competitive and full of more than ten brands most of which emphasize vitamin quality. Their various packaging in the market appear in multiple designs.

We have to take advantage of the outstanding points of our product to convey to the consumers. KASEMRAD is the only brand that contains natural inherent vitamins in the production which is a distinctive benefit to the consumers.

Our packaging inspired by real spring water employs, therefore, the bottle shape with the stream ripple to recall the natural flavor of its origin.

Moreover, the label is selectively white to depict its purity and symbolic Vitamins Mineral Water (VMW). The term VMW is also illustrated as a wavy design along with the structure of a DNA molecule. Also, graphics on the side of the label convey the association between water and vitamin molecules.

Designed by Prompt Design


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