Nodaleto store by Rafael de Cárdenas

Founded in Paris only three years ago by Julia Toledano and Olivier Leone, shoe brand Nodaleto – indeed, it’s a syllabic play on one of the co-founders’ last name – is going places. We’ re talking the very first Nodaleto store on the planet which opened its doors in Miami during this year’s hotly anticipated edition of Art Basel Miami. Why Florida‘s very own tinseltown? Well, apparently the U.S. is one of Nodaleto‘s biggest markets, and the city’s inimitable and glamorous blend of high-end lifestyle, art and design resonates well with its brand values. The boutique occupies a ground floor unit on the ground floor of a newly built structure, and rubs shoulders with prestigious boutiques of brands from fashion’s upper echelon, such as Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and Givenchy. The interior design, created by New York City-based architect Rafael de Cárdenas, takes cues from the early Space Age, and more specifically, film director Stanley Kubrick‘s iconic sci-fi aesthetics.

Additionally, the work of artist Alex Jones has influenced the store’s chosen aesthetic. The retail space is framed by plush carpeting in a bright red hue, walls clad in silvery panels with vertically inlaid linear LED lights which are overlaid with tiered shelves, and an exposed ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors divide the wall shelving in sections while larger mirrors on the back wall optically enlarge the premises. Furnishings and fixtures are few and simple, comprising of sinuous Verner Panton-like sofas, in matching bright red of course, and adding a dose of visual drama, three wall-mounted pairs of plaster legs wear the brand’s signature plateau shoes with chunky heels. The new Nodaleto store carries the brand’s full range of women’s shows. The opening of the store in Miami marks a global retail expansion, and new standalone boutiques are already scheduled to open in the near future, first at the brand’s home base Paris, and then followed by New York City and Seoul.

Designed by Rafael de Cárdenas
Images © Nodaleto
Photography: Kris Tamburello


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