MON-YÉ Vodka by Creature Theory

The Challenge:
The founders of MON-YÉ Vodka had a vision to introduce a sophisticated interpretation of West African vodka to the US market. Distilled from pure cane sugar and infused with coconut water, this would be a truly unique—and refreshingly pure—vodka. Creature Theory was brought on board to craft the brand story, positioning and all brand design elements to elevate and differentiate this special product.

We built the MON-YÉ Vodka brand around the idea that this luxurious vodka will transport you to another place. MON-YÉ is a taste of the African savannah and tropical rainforests—a blend of modern sophistication and old-world tradition.

The bottle design features stunning front & back screen printing with ebony and platinum inks. Looking through the glass bottle you see a unique design pattern that was inspired by Nigerian and Sierra Leone textiles. Up front we have a simple and sophisticated MV brand mark. The overall combination is soulful and remarkably elegant.

We have produced a variety of photography and video shoots while managing social media channels and digital ads to further present the lifestyle of this modern vodka. Refreshing—yet familiar.

Designed by Creature Theory


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