Sal de Jade Restaurant by 0studio Arquitectura

The configuration of the project was born from the intention to generate a simple volume with a pure orthogonal stroke. A monolith, that thanks to its materiality, its textures, and landscape, could represent the unique environment in which it is located.

In order for the interior to be fully alive, the atmospheres achieved by the proposed materials aim to provide an intimate experience for each of the visitors. Within the same space, different scenarios can be discovered, largely due to the transition of scales generated in a specific way by the nucleus at triple interior height. It not only cooperates in creating a great sensation of spatial amplitude but also transfers all the prominence to the shape of the monolith and transforms it into an iconic and unique volume on the city scale.

By developing the entire program on a single level, the building has a laterally incorporated space that plays an opposite role to the volume. The lattice seeks to give the user a permeable space with contact to the outside without losing privacy granted by the main volumetry.

Architects: 0studio Arquitectura
Lead Architects: Juan Antonio Corcuera, Miguel Ángel Delgado
Design Team: Josselyn Ibarra, Ramón Padilla, Rosman Ocampo, Paulina Salinas
Photographs: César Béjar


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