LES MORILLES French Restaurant – Tanzo Space Design

Les Morilles, hiding in the office building by the Liangma River in Beijing, is an old French restaurant slightly larger than a living room, mainly dealing in authentic Paris cuisine.
In 2022, this French restaurant, which initially only wanted to build a gathering place for friends, will be upgraded. From the brand logo to the internal space, designer Wang Daquan has completed the internal space design in nearly a year. In the calm reflection of the Liangma River in Beijing, this French restaurant belongs only to this city.
Beijing LES MORILLES Restaurant was selected as two-diamond Black Pearl restaurant on YELP in 2021, 2020 and 2019, and the “Michelin Dining Plate Restaurant” in 2021 and 2020.

Project name: LES MORILLES French Restaurant

Project location: Beijing, China

Completion time: 2021.07

Design firm: Tanzo Space Design (www.tanzospace.com)

Chief designer: Wang Daquan

Design executor: Ma Hongxu

Lighting design: BAFANZHU

Brand design: Tian Yangning

Project Photography: Ricky(UK Studio)

Project video: Mr. Xiao(Rock)

Copywriting: NARJEELING

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