Yuanguyunjing Restaurant (wuyuanRoad)

Beijing Hutong meets Shanghai old western style house
The restaurant is a small gray building, tall, straight and simple, with some European style details, which has a typical post-modernism style. Although the façade is shabby, it looks elegant. In particular, the two big trees in the courtyard add color to this small building. I remember that Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty had a painting of “listening to the guqin”, which was simple and concise, with three people sitting opposite each other under the pine tree. One person plays the guqin and other two people listen. This scene just fits the current situation of the courtyard. The sense of picture is hard for designers to find.

Design: Beijing Wuzhi Design

Website: www.wuzhidesign.com

Contact e-mail: wuzhidesign@yuangulife.com

Design year: January 2022

Completion Year:August 2022

Leader designer & Team: Shuang Zhao, Shangyong Wu, Yanan Zheng, Yuxuan Yang

Project location: No.137 Wuyuan Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Gross built area: 293㎡

Photo credit: Xiao Tan (Ten Studio), Shuang Zhao(Wuzhi Design)

Partner: Zhongbangxinmao

Clients: Yuangu Corporation

Materials: Elm wood, old floor, colourful cement tiles, concrete floor, old slate and so on

Brands: SIKI Lighting, Langchu Lighting, ZHENMUGONGFANG, TAOSUOMUZUO, Jianghong Space

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