sted Dessert Café by design by 83

‘Our standard is your taste.’ sted coffee – As travel becomes difficult due to the pandemic, European classical style enjoys its heyday in the recent interior trend, because it gets harder for people to experience European classical interior designs. 

The client got a lease on a building in an old town called Yangnyeongsi in Daegu. The reason is that the exterior of the building has a classical vibe just like the old European buildings. In designing “sted coffee” located in Dongseong-ro, the center of Daegu, we wanted to add chicness to the newly born space, including the one-dimensional classical style that the client wanted.

We installed a bright barrisol on the upper part of the long bar so that it expresses a European-style molding, and the first floor, where we proposed this unusual style, will be operated as a pairing system that provides desserts that go well with the specialty coffee brewed directly by the barista.

The second floor was designed to focus on tasting coffee by bringing the coffee from the first floor and creating a comfortable European-style atmosphere. In addition, we purchased furniture at a vintage shop in Itaewon(a popular international district in Seoul) to turn it into a chic style by adding modern metals to be functional and durable. With this furniture, we were able to create a “Classical”(Classical + Chic) space so that customers, who enjoy sitting on objects designed by chic artists from a classical European street, can have a fun experience.

Architects: design by 83
Design: Minsuk Kim, Donghyun Nam, Chanun Park
Design Team: Suhyun Jo, Hansol Jo
Photographs: Donggyu Kim


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